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St. Petersburg Family Law Attorney

Divorce Attorney

As your St. Petersburg divorce attorney, we deal with all types of divorces.  Whether you're involved in a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, or simplified dissolution of matter, we are certainly here to help.  

Contested divorce:  Usually when one party files a petition, and the responding party(Respondent) files what's known as an answer contesting allegations in the petition.  The respondent usually will have 20 days to respond, or else, he or she may be defaulted by the other party.  

Uncontested divorce:  An uncontested divorce occurs when one party files for a dissolution of marriage, and the responding party answers admitting everything.  In most cases, the responding party may file an "Answer, Waiver and Request for a copy of Final Judgment."

Simplified divorce: Usually appropriate when both parties have no common children under 18, the wife is not pregnant, both parties waive alimony and their right to appeal,they agree to everything and both parties are willing to be present for their final hearing.  (Usually the quickest way to obtain a divorce in the State of Florida. 

Child Support/Child Custody/Paternity

Child support is a legal duty paid by both parents. The amount of child support that the one parent pays to the other parent is determined by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. There is a formula that is used to calculate the amount of child support to be paid by both the parents. The child(ren) have the right to be supported by both parents. It is important that the proper numbers are input so that the correct child support is obtained.

There is no such term as “custody” in the Florida Statutes nor is there a primary or secondary residential parent designation in the Florida Statutes. In Florida, both parents have “time-sharing” with their children. The court will order a time-sharing schedule that is in the best interests of the children taking into consideration factors enumerated in §61.13, Florida Statutes.

In our modern culture, it is becoming increasingly common for couples to have children outside of marriage. As a result, some fathers may find that their rights to see their children or participate in parenting their children are challenged once the proving paternity in Florida relationship ends. Where the mother and supposed father are in agreement concerning paternity, the two parties are typically able to resolve paternity issues outside of court. However, where there is a dispute concerning paternity, a paternity action is the vehicle through which the rights and obligations of fatherhood are established. These types of cases can be very fact specific, and a successful outcome depends on a compelling presentation of these facts.  We offer very flexible pricing for all of our Family Law clients.  Payment plans start as low as $500, and most retainers we accept vary from $1,250 to $2,000.  For those that prefer a flat fee approach, we can accommodate them as well.  The flat fees that we charge vary depending on your situation.  If there are children, marital property, etc involved, the price of our services increases.  Also, with the flat fee approach, your payment can carry you up to and including mediation (where no additional fees are incurred or assessed, irregardless of how much legal work is performed on the attorney's side).  Or, you can pay one flat fee, and it covers you throughout the entire case.  Yes, meaning not one more penny is paid.  Of course, this does not include court costs, i.e. filing fees, etc.  Many clients current and past have enjoyed utilizing the flat fee option.  With our law firm, you have many options, as client satisfaction is our number one priority.  If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact our law firm to schedule your Case Strategy Session.